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Trail Conditions

If you have updates to share or can’t find what you are looking for, please drop us an email, and we will make the necessary updates. Photos and more information can be found on Facebook. We appreciate all of your help in keeping this report accurate.

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closedClosed Trails
goodGood to go!
fairFair conditions - muddy or wet spots
poorPoor or severe conditions - Use discouraged

Trail Conditions Report - July 27, 2017

Trail Network:


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Animas MountainGood
Dalla Mountain ParkGood
Smelter MountainGood
Overend Mountain Park Good
Twin Buttes Trails (Located on Hwy 160 West)Good
Perins PeakCLOSEDColorado Parks and Wildlife lifts the closure on July 31 at Perins Peak. Access is at the end of Rockridge.

Telegraph Trail System


Horse Gulch Road, Meadow, Cuchillo, Stacy's, Mike's, Flame Out, Milky Way, Rocky Road, Telegraph, AnasaziGood
Raider RidgeGood
Bread ExpressGood
SnakecharmerGoodProgressive Trail accessed by Horse Gulch Road to Rocky Road (past Meadow turn off) and follow signs. It finishes up in the quarry.
Medicine TrailGoodProgressive Trail accessed by Horse Gulch Road to Rocky Road (past Meadow turn off) . Medicine trail is lined with rocks and heads to your left and finishes up on the slab onto Horse Gulch Road.
Skyline TrailGoodTrailhead parking work in progress but trailhead is open
Sugar TrailGood

Grandview Ridge Trail System



Crites Connect, Carbon, Cowboy, Sale Barn, South Rim, Sidewinder, Big CanyonGood
Skull RockGoodSkull Rock is NOT one way. Please be aware of other trail users, especially coming up Big Canyon.
Grandview Ridge Road (from Mercy into Gulch)Good

Fort Lewis Trail System



Chapman Flow TrailGoodLooker left of ice rink, (north) head up to the top of the flow trail. Drop your seat on the descent! Take the jump line or exit where sign says "Kids Zone" and go back to front of ice rink.
Rim TrailGood
Lamp PostGood
Lion's DenGood
Nature TrailGood
SquawkerGoodSquawker is the trail from FLC to Goeglein- some mud
TalkerGood Talker is the uphill from Powerline
ShockerGood Shocker is the down trail from Powerline

Hermosa Creek Trail System


Hermosa CreekGood
Jones CreekGood
Dutch CreekGood
Goulding CreekGood
Pinkerton FlagstaffGoodit is what it is
Elbert CreekGood
Big LickGoodTrail Report 7.14 states in good shape, one downed tree and wet from rains this week.
West Cross CreekFairThe trail has over 20 trees left on it, we cleared 30 but some big snags remain. See photo:

Colorado Trail System



Log ChutesGood
Dry ForkGood
Hofheins TrailGood
Lower CT to Gudy'sGoodTrails 2000 installed new bench at Gudy's Rest on 6.5
High PointGood
5/23 Trails 2000 sawyers cleared 36 trees to High Point. You can get to Wall's Gulch bridge but over 40 downed trees on trail.
Wall's Gulch BridgeGoodTrails 2000 saw crews rocks, cleared 45 trees to High Point and 100 trees from Champion Venture to High Point. Still 15-18 trees left around High Point. The most downed trees we've seen in a decade. Please send the crew your thanks via Facebook or Twitter!
Kennebec PassGoodSnow at top of pass but can cross and head to Sliderock.
Champion Venture to High PointGoodTrails 2000 saw crews cleared 175 downed trees!
CT from White Creek to Cascade Bridge (up Engineer Mountain Trail)GoodTrail Adopter Mark cleared 17 downed trees from White Creek to Sliderock Ridge Pass. Trail mostly dry but still quite a bit of snow in north facing trees. Guessing dry by July 6.
CT Rolling Pass to Bolam PassGood7.8 Trail reports: still a lot of snow patches from Section Point south, but melting fast. Still, lots of on and off of the bike.
CT Cascade bridge to Slide Rock Saddle and CT from Cascade bridge south to BolamGoodTrail Adopter Mark cleared 17 downed trees from White Creek to Sliderock Ridge Pass. Trail mostly dry but still quite a bit of snow in north facing trees. Guessing dry by July 6.
CT Hotel Draw Rd to Cape of Good HopeGood
CT Indian Trail Ridge to KennebecGoodAdopter Ian says good to go
Sharkstooth (from Taylor Lake) to Bear Creek into RicoGood
CT Molas PassGoodA few snow crossings
CT Section 27.2 : GrindstoneGood7.9 Trail Reporter: Jodi and I cut 30 trees between Grindstone trail northerly to the water source located at the base of cape of good hope. We also cleared ~6 trees on the Grindstone and Hillside connecter trails. The tread is pretty dry, and has only a couple small snow patches near the southern end.

High Country Trails



GoodTrail Report:Trail Report for CT from Celebration Lake to Scotch Creek. Trail is dry except for 20-25 snow crossings that are 20-30 feet long up to Blackhawk pass. One big patch of snow still a mile below blackhawk and with the exception of that one everything else was quick and easy to cross. From Blackhawk to scotch creek is dry.
GoodCascade Trail from gate up to Engine Creek turn -off cleared on 6/17. Wrangler Rob with San Juan Sky Outfitters, his friends Dylan, Lucas and Rob provided the mules.No snow a little mud and about 20 trees. North facing aspects still holding snow lower down.
Cascade Creek Trail
GoodTrail Reporter 6.23:The east side of Cascade Creek was clear but the creek was too high to easily cross
Coral DrawGood
Little ElkGood
Engine CreekGoodTrail Reporter 6.23My daughter and I backpacked Cascade Creek to Engine Creek and down Engineer Mountain over the weekend. The east side of Cascade Creek was clear but the creek was too high to easily cross.
Engine Creek is dry and clear of snow, but the lower half has lots (20-30) of downed trees. A pain to bike, alright to backpack, but perhaps best suited to dayhiking right now.
Engineer mountain only really has snow on that stretch for a few hundred yards near the Coal Pass trail intersection.
Engineer Mountain TrailGoodOut and back-Pass Trail still has snow, especially for bike access.
Pass CreekGood7.6 Trail Reporter: All pass creek pedal-able up. Few muddy spots remain but great shape. Engineer really dry, 2 down trees (1 marked well) in top area of woods about 1-2 miles into descent. New trail work flows excellent. Great work trails 2000!

Missionary RidgeGoodTrails 2000 saw crew cleared 45 trees on Missionary to Steven Creek.
Haflin CreekGood
Stevens CreekGoodTrails 2000 saw crew cleared 45 trees on Missionary to Steven Creek.
Red CreekGood61 downed trees CLEARED between First Fork and Red Creek (loop) starting by Colvig cleared by San Juan Hotshots.
First ForkGood61 downed trees CLEARED between First Fork and Red Creek (loop) starting by Colvig cleared by San Juan Hot Shots.
Youngs CanyonGoodTrail Report 7.9: Good shape, a few downed trees but good to go. Easier to find from Missionary than from the bottom, come out by Lemon (north end) and wade across Florida. Expert trail.
Spud LakeGood
Andrews LakeGood
Haviland/Chris ParkGood

Silverton Trails


Engineer Pass (Silverton) Alpine Loop from Cinnamon Pass GoodDon't have info if it's passable by vehicle; Strava with photos from a runner on June 8:
Highland MaryGoodPassable but snow on north slopes and above 11,500. Some water crossings are still high. Bring micro spikes, poles, etc.
Ice LakesGood
Purgatory FlatsGoodTrail Reporter says good...

Surrounding Area Trails


East Creek at VallecitoFairNot clear of downed trees
Calico TrailClosedFS closed due to ruts
Elk Creek (Wilderness area)Good
Lake EileenGooda few downed trees
Emerald LakeGood7.20.17: Ranger hand clearing all of deadfall, Wilderness does not allow chainsaws.
Cave BasinGood7.21: Trail is entirely cleared of trees and snow as of 7/16. A couple of boggy spots. Closed to Mountain Bikes as most of trail is in Weminuche Wilderness. A very interesting sinkhole has formed (photo attached) just off trail near a cave inlet.
LaPlata CanyonGoodSnow at top of pass, photos on Trails2000 facebook
Phil's World (Cortez)Good
Sand Canyon (Cortez)GoodDogs need to be on leash.
Alien Run (off 550 south, near Aztec)Good
Boggy Draw
Pine River Trail (Bayfiled)Good
Pine-Piedra TrailFair
Middle Mountain @ VallecitoGoodAll clear to trailhead, no report on Cave Basin
Chicago BasinFairThe trail is logged out up to Columbine Pass / Twin Lakes junction sign. There was four avalanches that occurred this past winter up in the Basin… CRAZY! Still about 100 yards of snow, 3-4 feet deep near junction sign (not hard to get over though obviously slippery). Snow Level:
North Facing (Columbine Pass) – 11, 500 feet / Advise public to wear or use micro-spikes, trekking poles, gaiters for Columbine Pass (Columbine Pass is about 12,900 feet…)
South Facing (Twin Lakes) – 12,000 feet / Melting off, still iced over, as well as snowy up to any peaks – that includes our famed and overly used 14er’s… / Advise public to use micro-spikes, trekking poles.
Elk Creek Trail in WildernessGoodCT adopter Connie and her crew cleared 45 crews and it's good to go

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