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Trail Conditions

Southern slopes melting snow, mud. North slopes snowy and icy. Seasonal Trail closure dates: Dec. 1 – April 15. Closed trails located in: Perins Peak State Wildlife Area, upper loop on Animas Mountain, upper loop only on Twin Buttes and Grandview Trails. The Smelter Mountain Trail is also open, but only from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Dec. 1 – April 15, and dogs are prohibited.

If you have updates to share or can’t find what you are looking for, please drop us an email, and we will make the necessary updates. Photos and more information can be found on Facebook. We appreciate all of your help in keeping this report accurate.

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closedClosed Trails
goodGood to go!
fairFair conditions - muddy or wet spots
poorPoor or severe conditions - Use discouraged

Trail Conditions Report - March 23, 2017 (Spring/Summer Conditions-not Winter Trails)

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CommentsPhotos *Click once to enlarge
Upper Loop Animas MountainClosedSeasonal Closures in effect on top from Dec. 1 to April 15
Lower Loop Animas MountainGood
Dalla Mountain ParkGoodTrail Reporter states 3/12: There are a few spots of mud and even some occasional snow, the rest is dry and good to go. Expect to get a little bit dirty if riding.
Dalla Mountain Park: Climbing Areas (Ponderosa, Bouldering, Sailing Hawk)FairTrail Reporter states 3/12: Minor wet spots and minimal ice. Tanke Verde POOR! 3/11
More photos
Smelter MountainGoodSeasonal Closures in effect on top from Dec. 1 to April 15Trail Report 3/20 states the trail is good
Overend Mountain ParkFairTrail Reporter 3/20: All the South and West facing slopes are dry and dusty, but don't be fooled, the canyons and north faces are still muddy and snowy. Ella Vita is in good condition, but Hidden Valley and poor, so plan your rides/runs/hikes accordingly.
Ella Vita @OverendGoodTrail Reporter 3/13: Some low spots are still a little muddy, but mostly justnsoft and not greasy. Overall most of the trail is dry/good.
Twin Buttes Trails (Located on Hwy 160 West)ClosedSeasonal Closures only on TOP (lower trails open) from Dec. 1 to April 15
Twin ButtesGoodTrail Reporter 3/19: 3/19 The climb out of the parking lot is dusty to begin with and only one wet spot further up in the trees (should all be dry in a few days). From there expect a few spot of moist dirt and even some snow, but it is mostly dry. The descent on the west side of the trail system is dry, but the dirt is soft/sandy so heads up on the understeering! Also don't ride the upper trails because they are closed. There is a sign up above to warn you if you forget.

Telegraph Trail System

Horse Gulch RoadGood
Once you get past the first bend in the road you will be on dry trail until close to the upper gate. These two spots are muddy, but are starting to dry up very nice.
MeadowGoodTrail Reporter 3/20: Awesome trail conditions!! Zoom zoom!!
Stacy'sGoodTrail Report 3/20: Awesome trail conditions!! Zoom zoom!!
Mike'sPoorTrail Report 3/13: Mikes is going to be a while, a lot of snow and mud.
Rooster TrailFair
Flame OutFair
Milky WayGood
Rocky RoadGood
TelegraphPoorTrail Reporter states (3/11): Dry up to fence junction sign, muddy and stagnant water after.
Raider RidgeGood3/14: Trail Reporter says Raider ridge is good to go! Some ruts in a few areas but mostly fine
PowerlineGoodTrail Reporter 3.21: Squawker and Powerline were in very good shape. Skyline had some muddy/icy spots and I would avoid for a few more days.

Bread ExpressFair3/17 Trail Report: Bread express is still icy/muddy and I would avoid for another week or so
SnakecharmerGoodProgressive Trail accessed by Horse Gulch Road to Rocky Road (past Meadow turn off) and follow signs. It finishes up in the quarry.
Medicine TrailGoodProgressive Trail accessed by Horse Gulch Road to Rocky Road (past Meadow turn off) . Medicine trail is lined with rocks and heads to your left and finishes up on the slab onto Horse Gulch Road.
Skyline TrailFairTrail Reporter states (3.18) Mostly dry, northern slope sections muddy or snowy. Doable for hikers, will be a slippery run, and an even more miserable bike ride. Likely to deteriorate to poor conditions within next fee days on sectons thay are snowy, but should be solid and almost completely dry in a week-week and a half. Would definitely wait until it dries out.
Sugar TrailGood3.18 Trail Report: There are 3 muddy spots, ride over the rocks covering the puddles. Skyline not rideable.

Grandview Ridge Trail System

Crites ConnectFairNOT Part of closure area
Carbon JunctionGood 3/16 Trail Reporter states Switchbacks up to field completely dry, a few spots but in good condition. See photo to the right.
CowboyFairSouth Rim trail, including portions of Sidewinder and Cowboy trails on BLM (accessed from Carbon Junction trail or Crites Connection).
Sale BarnClosedClosed Dec. 1 to April 15
South RimClosedClosed Dec. 1 to April 15
SidewinderGoodYou will see closure signs on trail
Big CanyonClosedClosed Dec. 1 to April 15
Skull RockPoorTrail washed out
Grandview Ridge Road (from Mercy into Gulch)Good3:20: Dry, powdery trails behind the hospital. Great conditions!

Fort Lewis Trail System

Chapman Flow TrailGoodLooker left of ice rink, (north) head up to the top of the flow trail. Drop your seat on the descent! Take the jump line or exit where sign says "Kids Zone" and go back to front of ice rink.
Rim TrailGoodIrrigation being installed for the Peter Carver memorial forest and a small section of the trail will be closed from March 28-April 10
Lamp PostGood
Lion's DenGoodTrail Reporter 3/22: states it's all good
Nature TrailGoodTrail Reporter States March 8, 10:30am: Nature trail is prime!
SquawkerGoodSquawker is the trail from FLC to Goeglein- some mud
TalkerGood Talker is the uphill from Powerline
ShockerGood Shocker is the down trail from Powerline

Hermosa Creek Trail System

Jones CreekFairSnow

Colorado Trail System

Dry ForkFairTrailhead will close Dec 1 but can still access trail from Gudy's
To Gudy'sFairTrail Reporter 3/18 states: 3/18 There is still plenty of snow and ice on trail, with most of the in between being dry. One downed tree by where the FS Road comes close to the trail. You could fat bike in the earlier hours of the day, but I would say that on foot is best with the skinny ridge of snow that is most of the trail.
High PointFair
Hofheins TrailFairMore snow and not totally packed down for fat biking or hiking
Log Chutes (access from Junction Creek road)GoodSome snow but lower loop is packed
Missionary RidgeFairFor Winter Conditions: Snowy but good for run/hike
Andrews LakeGoodFor Winter Conditions:Trail Reporter (3.4) states: Great snowshoeing today. Snow a little crunchy in sun, but no mashed potatoes yet. Should be great for another day or 2 despite sun.
Haviland/Chris ParkGoodFor Winter Conditions:Trail Reporter (3.8) states: Great snowshoeing on blue ribbon and yellow
diamond trails. This fat biker very appreciative of snowshoers. Awesome trail today!
Alien Run (off 550 south, near Farmington)Good
TrailReport March 14, Ben says its all dry and good go!
More photos
Phil's World (Cortez)Good3.21 Trail Reporter states: All good; photo attached of Lemon and 'smiles for miles'
LaPlata CanyonGoodReporter states: The snow was great from the parking lot up to the cabins. Once the track started to get skinny the snow was very soft, but manageable.
Sand Canyon (Cortez)GoodDogs need to be on leash.

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