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Based in Durango, Colorado, Trails 2000 is a 501c3 organization that builds and maintains trails; educates trail users and encourages connectivity on road, path and trail.
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About Us

Trails 2000 is your local non profit, trails organization connecting you to the outdoors. We plan, build and maintain trails, educate trail users, and encourage connectivity on road, path and trail. The leaders behind the Silver and Gold Levels Bicycle Friendly Durango; the Commuter Challenge, SMART 160 trail and the Chapman Hill Bike Park Project, we are involved in all elements of connectivity. But your support is vital as all trailwork takes place through the generous help of volunteers. We care for all types of trails: hike, bike or horse, and we encourage everyone to join in. Our group is very involved in the community and in trail planning from singletrack to bike paths. We’ve been working on planning connections for over twenty years!

aboutWhy do we value trails so much? The reasons are fundamental: the outdoors, Mother Nature, community, health, pleasant weather, spectacular landscapes, fitness, fresh air and open space. We cherish our surroundings and value our time outdoors. Trails are essential; they are our pathways to and through the outdoors.

History and Goals

  • Connecting our community
  • Founded in 1989
    (partnership between Private Sector, USFS & BLM)
  • Coordinate trails across jurisdictions
  • Modernize trail systems for recreation
  • Organize volunteers
  • Maintain trails
  • Educate users and provide information
  • Help coordinate trail connections, routes and maps

Trail Courtesy and Education

  • We believe courtesy is key.
  • Sharing the trails enables all of us to enjoy more trail options.
  • We encourage users to share the trails and be courteous to one another, whether on singletrack or the bike path.
  • TrailKids program works with students to inspire curiosity, stewardship, and an appreciation for natural lands through outdoor, hands-on science education and trailwork.

Advocacy and Awareness

  • We bring together people who love the outdoors.
  • Work with all sectors of our community
  • Communicate and educate
  • Our membership has grown to 2,000 dues-paying enthusiasts.

Trailwork Volunteers and More

  • Care for the trails near Durango and across Southwest Colorado
  • Plan
  • Mobilize volunteers
  • Enhance the outdoors and quality of life
  • Help youth via Kids To Schools and trailwork
  • Work to preserve and enhance open space
  • Protect access
  • Educate the community
  • Promote safety

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