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Snacks and Meal Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

July 31, 2019

Durango embodies the outdoor lifestyle and getting outdoors is a way of life here. A quick jaunt in the Gulch, a lengthy walk around Animas Mountain, or a mountain bike excursion deep in the San Juan Mountains are all iconic activities for locals and visitors alike. But one thing’s for sure: hiking at elevation can be exhausting. One way to combat mid-hike fatigue is to come prepared with plenty of nutritional foods.

From classics like trail mix and granola bars to nut butter pouches, there’s a perfect option for any type of hiker. Whether you hit the trail after work or spend the entire weekend backpacking in the mountains, these healthy food ideas will keep you energized for the adventure ahead!



There’s a reason bars are an iconic choice for most outdoor adventures. Quick, easy, and packable, bars are a go-to for days on the trail. Types of bars include nuts, granola, and protein-style. Clif bars have dominated the protein bar game for years, with newcomers including RX Bars, Primal Nutrition, and Perfect. Great choices for nut and granola bars include Kind, Nature Valley, Bobo’s, and Kashi.

Trail Mix

Make your own or grab a bag at the grocery store! Trail mix is the most versatile choice for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. For those on a healthy kick, include plenty of dried fruits for extra sweetness. Hint: dried fruits won’t melt on a hot day like chocolate will!

Nut Butter Pouches

A favorite for both humans a four-legged companions alike, nut butter pouches can give you an extra kick of protein during a tough ascent. Just rip one open and get to it! Justin’s has great peanut and almond butter options.


Nothing beats the quick protein and sodium punch quite like jerky! Brands like Epic and Perky Jerky are changing the game with limited ingredients and high-quality cuts. You can also stick to classics like Jack Link’s and Field Trip for a great grab-and-go option!


Hydration is key and adding electrolytes, especially at elevation is important to add to your daypack (Osprey makes a variety of biking, daypacks and backpacks). There’s NUUN tablets, and a variety of options but local business and Trails 2000 supporter Tailwind is a great option.


Powdered Eggs

For a lightweight breakfast on the go, consider grabbing a package of powdered eggs. Easy to cook on a backpacking stove, eggs provide natural protein and have plenty of calories to get you through the morning. Ova Easy and Mountain House have highly rated (and backpacker approved!) options.

Instant Oatmeal

Ideal for quick mornings both on the trail and off, instant oatmeal is a staple in many a hiker’s backpack. All you need is hot water!


Tortillas are easy to pair with prepared eggs or a swath of nut butter, making them an ideal choice to bring on the trail. Wrap up a delicious taco in the morning or prep a quick snack to eat while hiking–tortillas are the perfect vessel for any type of filling!

Instant Ramen

Sodium-rich and satisfying to boot, instant ramen is an incredibly cost-effective solution to eating dinner at camp. Top Ramen is the most notable choice, but healthier versions are easy to come by, as well. Try out Dr. McDougall’s, Lotus Foods, and Mike’s Mighty Good for a more nutritious option!

Packaged Meals

Packaged meals are a classic choice for backpackers because they were designed for ease; and these days, the options are endless. From breakfast scrambles to Pad Thai, there’s an option anyone would like. Most packaged meals just need hot water for a calorie-dense, warm, and satisfying dinner on the trail. Brands to test out are Mountain House, Good To-Go, and Backpacker’s Pantry. The well-known outdoor brand Patagonia even makes them, too!

How Trails 2000 is Making a Difference

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Happy Trails!

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