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Share the Trails: Rules of the Trail

July 27, 2014

We’ve all been taught to mind our manners: Put your napkin on your lap, don’t talk with your mouth full, and be kind to other trail users. Well, maybe the latter wasn’t the first thing mentioned around the dinner table, but that doesn’t diminish it’s importance.

Especially in Durango, where we are already so good at it! This season, Trails 2000 celebrates Durango Shares the Trails, an educational campaign which recognizes this attitude of positive interaction and trail stewardship on the trail. The campaign initially kicked off at Horse Gulch Trailhead on National Trails Day, June 7, where over 60 folks stopped to sign our pledge to Share the Trails, receiving a free trail button.

Trail Etiquette: Rules of the Trail

And while Durango is so good at sharing the trails, it can never hurt to have a quick reminder of the simple rules of the trail. When on the trail, it is extremely important to mind your trail manners and be kind and respectful, and share the trail with other users. The following are simple guidelines to ensure proper sharing of the trail:

  1. Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 5.28.29 PMStay on the trail.
  2. If the trails are wet (check the trail conditions report or simply look outside at the current weather), it is not your day.
  3. If another trail user approaches you, say hello, especially if they say hi to you. Grunts do not count!
  4. Mountain bikers trudge and toil to get up hill. Please let them.
  5. When runners try to get past you, let them.
  6. When you see a horse: Stop about 200 feet from the horse; announce yourself so the rider and horse both hear you; be clearly visible; pull off to the downside of the trail; and say hello as you pass.
  7. Please keep your dog on a leash or under voice control.
  8. When someone says “on your left,” please move to the right and allow them to pass. Hopefully you’ll get a thank you.

Click here (or the video above) to view a clip from Inside Durango TV News explaining the simple idea of sharing the trails, as well as the rules of the trail, from Executive Director Mary Monroe Brown.

By following these simple steps on the trail, we can all continue to treat one another with respect, enjoy the company of others on the trail (we are all out there to enjoy them!), and Share the Trails!

So, remember: Put your napkin on your lap, don’t talk with your mouth full, and mind your trail manners by being kind to other trail users!

Happy Sharing of the Trails!

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