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Partnering to Create a New Trail

June 22, 2017

Photo courtesy of Sean Larmore.

Trails 2000 is always planning to the future, an element of our annual strategic planning to provide our community with a world-class trail network. As we continue to look outward, Trails 2000 has short term and long term goals. When we look at trails and connectivity on federal lands, we are required to engage in some degree of NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). Trails 2000 is fortunate to partner with ERO Resources Corporation on the cultural assessment of a new trail we’ve been planning and developing for the past three years. Trails 2000 hired ERO to work on the environmental planning to help expedite the generally long process of analysis that takes place when working with federal land managers on new trail proposals.

“How does a trail become a trail?” you might ask…In general, the process can take anywhere from 2-5 years to complete and requires involvement from various land managers and stakeholders. From idea development and research, to proposal and review, and finally approval and building, it is no small undertaking. Trails 2000 relies on our long held partnerships to engage with us in completing the many trail projects we have on tap and are particularly grateful for the incredible dedication of ERO Resources to our community and our trails. Please read more from Sean Larmore, cultural resources manager and principal of ERO:

[Trails 2000] Please tell us about ERO environmental consulting firm.
[Sean Larmore] We are a 60 person firm based in Denver with a satellite office in Durango, providing environmental impact assessments and cultural and natural resources compliance. We specialize in water infrastructure, electrical transmission, and transportation-related projects, among other sectors.

ERO conducts past cultural resource survey. Photo courtesy of Sean Larmore.

[T2000] Tell us about your reasoning/motivation for partnering with Trails 2000 on the new trail project.
[Larmore] It’s a great community based initiative and since most of us ride bikes, it’s a natural fit.

[T2000] What do you most look forward to in our trail partnership?
[Larmore] Seeing the project to completion and being able to enjoy the new trails.

[T2000] How do ERO’s expertise and values align with Trails 2000?
[Larmore] We’re in the environmental consulting business because we believe in sustainability; if an environmental nonprofit needs support, we’re happy to assist.

[T2000] Please tell us about your use of the trails.
[Larmore] Most of our staff run, hike and bike whenever we get the chance.

[T2000] Tell us about your trailwork experience!
[Larmore] We’ve done trailwork support in the past, including surveying many of the trails in the Weminuche for cultural resources prior to rehabilitation work (for the San Juan National Forest).

ERO conducts past cultural resource survey. Photo courtesy of Sean Larmore.

[T2000] What do trails mean to you? [Larmore] Two words, community value.
[T2000] What do you most value about the trails? [Larmore] A convenient way to get outside for a quick fix.
[T2000] What is your favorite trail and why? [Larmore] I’ve always enjoyed the Colorado Trail along Indian Ridge in the La Platas.

[T2000] Great answers! Ok, now it is time for our favorite part: The Trails 2000 speed round:
Pulaski or McLeod? [Larmore] Pulaski since I used them during wildland fire work.
Run, hike, bike or ride (horses)? [Larmore] Hike.
Tea or coffee? [Larmore] Coffee.

Thanks Sean and ERO; we appreciate your time and look forward to working with ERO to make last impacts in our community!

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