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Welcome Christina Rinderle to Board of Directors

June 2, 2017

Trails 2000 is pleased to announce Christina Rinderle has joined the Trails 2000 board of directors. Christina is a long-time Durango resident and most recently served eight years on the City Council and two terms as mayor. Currently, she wears many hats, including co-owner of Durango Land and Homes Real Estate Brokerage, investor in La Plata Economic Development Alliance, among other roles. When she’s not hard at work making a difference in our community, she can be found exploring the trails in Horse Gulch – be it running, biking or hiking – and elsewhere across the Southwest.

Christina currently serves on the board with Daryl Crites, John Baxter and Steve Schwartz, along with Executive Director Mary Monroe Brown to assist with the strategic vision and goals of Trails 2000.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Christina and hear about her experiences, passion for our trails, the organization and Durango, and her excitement in joining the Trails 2000 Board of Directors. Read on:

Horse Gulch.

[Trails 2000] Thanks for sitting down with us today, Christina! Tell us a little about yourself.
​[Christina Rinderle] Thank you for having me! I grew up in Indiana, but always had a love for the west. I first visited Durango in the summer of 1998 ​with a group of friends and this town, the people, and the trails captured my heart. A year later I was able to call Durango home and have loved the experiences and adventures along the way.

[T2000] Wonderful! Tell us about your professional interests, including your time on the City Council, and other professional interests?
[Rinderle] ​​Serving on City Council, coupled with two terms as mayor, has been my biggest honor. I first took office during the recession, and we were able to leverage our dedicated parks, open space, and trails sales tax to acquire ​additional land parcels, allowing for enhanced trail connectivity for our enjoyment now and for future generations. As the co-owner of Durango Land and Homes Real Estate Brokerage, I have the opportunity to work with locals and those visiting our community to connect them with their future home or office space. Trail connectivity clearly enhances not just property values, but also quality of life, and I love to incorporate trail time into a property tour whenever possible.

[T2000] That is a must! Trails are a huge economic driver in Durango, often cited as a top reason to move to and visit Durango. Can you talk a little bit about your experience regarding economic development and trails?
[Rinderle] One of the many facets that makes Durango unique is the access to over 30 miles of trails just 30 minutes or less from the heart of our vibrant downtown, many right outside our back door. Our trails provide a broad and diverse economic impact through tourism, special events, community improvements, healthy lifestyles, property values, general consumer spending, and local jobs and investments. Having served for years on the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance, I’ve seen first hand how our numerous trail access points and connectivity have had a direct benefit to our local economy. These benefits include an enhanced quality of life with strong desire for businesses to grow and relocate here, overall community enhancement, and increases in home valuation based on proximity to trails. Studies have shown the economic impact also extends beyond job creation and enhanced valuations to include health care savings where access to trails make it easy for those to get outside and walk, run, and bike, and help create a place for all ages to enjoy, from Seniors Outdoors to our TrailKids programs, creating the next generation of stewards for our trail systems.

[T2000] Very well said, Christina! Well, let us be the first to say: Welcome to the Board of Directors. We are thrilled to have you! Please share with us your reasoning/motivation for joining Trails 2000.​
[Rinderle] ​Thank you! ​After my terms on City Council came to an end, I wanted to still find a way to be involved and give back to the community. Trail enjoyment spans generations and offers something for all ages.

[T2000] Please tell us about your trail use, and what you most value about the trails.
[Rinderle] ​Trails allow us the opportunity to decompress and reconnect with our natural surroundings, whether it be in sometimes needed solitude or a perfect opportunity to create memories with friends. My morning routine often starts with a run in Horse Gulch, and then sets the tone for a positive day ahead. I love the connectivity and easy access. 

[T2000] Absolutely, us too! What is your favorite trail and why?
[Rinderle] ​​My favorite trails are those in Horse Gulch as they are the ones I am able to enjoy the most, due to proximity to my home and office. It still amazes me that within five minutes, we can go from the heart of downtown to over 1,000 acres of open space and soak in the natural surroundings.

[T2000] We sure are lucky! If you could offer advice to future generations of trail users, what would it be?
[Rinderle] ​Get involved! ​​It can be easy to take for granted the incredible resource we have in this community, but it doesn’t happen without community support, donors, and those who can roll up their sleeves and help create and maintain our collective assets.

[T2000] Thanks Christina, that is very well said. Ok, now for the speed round—ready, set:
Run, hike, bike or ride? [Rinderle]​ Running, biking, and hiking, in that order of preference.
Tea or coffee?​ [Rinderle]​ Both, but decaf versions. You don’t want to see me caffeinated!

[T2000] Thank you, Christina! We really appreciate you taking the time and helping us to get to know you and hear about your experiences. Happy Trails!

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