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March 3, 2017

Photo: Dave Thibodeau.

It is almost a no brainer when two of Durango’s favorites are paired together: Trails and beer. In Colorado, the trail-to-brew pub phenomenon is nothing new, but we think it is even more deserving of the spotlight in the Southwest, with over 300 miles of trails within 30 minutes of downtown Durango and six local breweries to choose from. One such popular watering hole is Ska Brewing (visit Ska on Facebook), long-time supporters of Trails 2000 and dedicated users of the trails our community hold so dear.

In partnership with Ska, Trails 2000 is pleased to launch our Trail Partnership Program for 2017. The program aims to help us reach our lofty goal to increase membership this spring. To celebrate the program kick off, Ska Brewing wants folks to join Trails 2000 and is even offering a special gift to anyone who joins during the month of March.

To find out more about Ska’s support of Trails 2000 and their sheer excitement for trails, we sat down with Ska Co-Founder and President, Dave Thibodeau, and “Barroom Hero” aka Sales Manager, Arlo Grammatica. According to Dave and Arlo, they are always on the trails—Dave rides, runs and drinks, alone—see below—where as Arlo is a devoted mountain biker, open to ride with whomever. (Note: Arlo was unable to provide photos of himself on the trails, so despite Dave’s primarily solo trail and drinking adventures, he takes the image gallery spotlight here). Read on for a glimpse of “Ska on the Trail:”

Photo: Dave Thibodeau.

[Trails 2000] Hey Ska! Thanks for joining us today and of course, for offering a free beer to any one who joins Trails 2000 in March—we value and appreciate your continuous support of Trails 2000. Please tell us about Ska Brewing’s motivation for supporting Trails 2000 and the trails in Durango.
[Dave and Arlo] We support the trails in Durango for one main reason, we use them—they literally form the backbone of our wellness program at Ska. We regularly incorporate them into our work day. As we’ve grown, the amount of meetings that we have has also grown, and we’ll tell you that our “meetings” are a lot more productive when they take place on the trails. Trails 2000 is such a big part of our community—the different users, whether horse, hike, bike, or run, really rally around each other and pitch in. At Ska, we believe it’s our responsibility to support that which helps make our community a better place.

[T2000] Absolutely! What about you personally—why do you value and support trails?
[Dave/Arlo] We mountain bike on the trails many times a week and nothing starts a morning off better than a mountain bike ride. It keeps us fit and clear-headed in an industry where a cloudy head is not uncommon.

[T2000] Hey, no judgement here. We do think beer and trails have a long-standing connection, especially in Durango. What do you think makes this duo oh so sweet?
[Dave/Arlo] It’s all about balance, right? Time with friends. Exercise. Reward. Release. Of course, I (Dave) like to run the trails alone, and then drink beer alone—don’t be like me.

[T2000] Again, no judgement. Tell us about your use of the trails.
[Dave/Arlo] We’re both year-round trail users, and Trails 2000 does an amazing job making that possible, particularly keeping us updated on conditions and closings. Our distinct four seasons make that quite a challenge, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. In all honesty, it’s a big part of why we live here.

Photo: Dave Thibodeau.

[T2000] That is true for you and so many others in Durango—of course the beer culture also deserves some of the credit for why we choose to live in Durango! Can you tell us about your trailwork experience—why is it important for you to give back on the trails?
[Dave/Arlo] As lame as it sounds, time is one of our scarcest resources, so we choose to support Trails 2000 and the other trail volunteers through donation of space at the brewery, money, beer, etc. That said, we do pay all of our employees to volunteer at area nonprofits a few days a year, and we know that trailwork is often on the request list.

[T2000] What a cool perk! What do trails mean to you?
[Dave/Arlo] The trails mean so much to us. It is a unique situation to live and work in a town with world-class trails minutes away. Most people have to drive hours to do what we can do out the front door.

[T2000] Don’t we know it! What do you most value about the trails?
[Dave/Arlo] Accessibility and variety.

[T2000] What is your favorite trail and why?
[Dave/Arlo] Hard to choose, but our lunch loop and most frequent “meeting” spot is Sale Barn>Big Canyon.

[T2000] Great choice! If you could offer advice to trail users or future generations, what would it be?
[Dave/Arlo] Protect, respect, conserve, enjoy, have a beer at the end.

Photo: Dave Thibodeau.

[T2000] Cheers to that! Now for our favorite part: The Trails 2000 speed round. Ready, set:
Pulaski or McLeod? [Dave/Arlo] Gotta go with the Pulaski, such an important tool that Ed Pulaski’s original is actually part of the Smithsonian collection.
Run, hike, bike or ride (horses)? [Dave/Arlo] Tie, run=bike.
Tea or coffee (or beer!)? [Dave/Arlo] Tough one…NOT. Beer.

[T2000] Coulda called that one! Thanks so much Dave and Arlo, and the entire Ska crew, for all you do to support our organization and the trails in Durango. Anything else you would like us to know before we go?
[Dave/Arlo] We are so proud of a community that puts outdoor activities in the forefront. I (Arlo) am open to ride with anyone—Dave’s rides alone.

Be like Ska – Join Trails 2000 today. Cheers!

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