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Welcome Steve Schwartz as Board Treasurer

February 23, 2017

Trails 2000 is pleased to announce the joining of Steve Schwartz as treasurer on the board of directors. Steve is a long-time Durango resident and currently works as vice president for Finance and Administration at Fort Lewis College (FLC), where he has been employed for 20 years. When he’s not hard at work for FLC, he can be found exploring the trails in and around Durango – be it hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing.

Steve currently serves on the board with Daryl Crites, board president; John Baxter, board secretary; and Melissa Youssef; along with Executive Director Mary Monroe Brown to assist with the strategic vision and goals of Trails 2000.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Steve and hear about his experiences, passion for our trails and organization, and excitement in joining our Board of Directors. Read on:

Steve Schwartz and dog Maggie.

[Trails 2000] Steve! Thank you for sitting down with us today. Please tell us a little about yourself.
[Steve Schwartz] I was born in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Illinois, and while I spent the greater part of my young adult life in Chicago, I eventually moved to the whitewater mecca of western North Carolina, where I discovered mountain biking and rock climbing. A few years later, a mountain biking adventure to Moab presented itself, including some time in Durango, where I visited – and became determined to attend – Fort Lewis College. While attending Fort Lewis, I became equally determined to make Durango my home. After graduating, I left Durango to pursue additional education; fast forward five years, and I was back at the Fort as an employee, where I have remained for the last 20 years.

[T2000] That is quite the adventure to calling home Durango. Please tell us more about your role at Fort Lewis and other professional interests?
[Schwartz] I’ve held a number of positions at Fort Lewis College, including director of Institutional Research, budget director, and for the last 15 years, vice president for Finance and Administration.  Other professional interest include involvement in community and statewide boards and advisory groups, primarily focused on the areas of education and/or finance.

[T2000] Well, let us be the first to say: Welcome to the Trails 2000 Board of Directors. We are thrilled to have you! Please share with us your reasoning/motivation for joining Trails 2000.
[Schwartz] It is my desire to be part of an organization that caters to the entire community, and I value and admire what Trails 2000 does in promoting access, trail etiquette and safety. The trails in and around Durango are an irreplaceable asset to our community and region, as they afford us entry into the spectacular beauty that is Durango, whether in town or in the high country. As the organization that plans, builds, and maintains these connections, Trails 2000 ensures access for all of us who value a healthy lifestyle.

Steve Schwartz

[T2000] Absolutely! And, what do you most look forward to as treasurer of Trails 2000 board?
[Schwartz] As the treasurer of the board, I strive to both help maintain and strengthen the financial viability of the organization. I also hope to help in expanding the trail network and increasing connectivity.

[T2000] Please tell us about your use of the trails.
[Schwartz] I love being out on our trails! Whether hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing, whether alone or with a group, the trails are where I go to recreate.

[T2000] Good answer! What do you value most about trails.
[Schwartz] Too often, we take for granted the remarkable trails we have in and around Durango, and fail to recognize how truly fortunate we are to have such a community and regional benefit. It takes vision, immense effort, and dedication to plan, build and maintain our trail network. My hope is to help educate people regarding this asset and, thereby, grow our trail users and advocates.

[T2000] Can you tell us about your trailwork experience?
[Schwartz] My trail work experience includes maintenance tasks on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina many years ago. My involvement in that work gave me a great appreciation for the efforts of the dedicated Trails 2000 volunteers.

[T2000] That is great; we do have a stellar group of volunteers at Trails 2000, and are always looking for more! Ok, time for a tough question. What is your favorite trail and why?

Steve Schwartz

[Schwartz] It’s very difficult to pick a favorite trail, as there are so many from which to choose. Perhaps it would be best to say that my favorite trail is the last one I experienced. That said, I always enjoy Log Chutes, as it contains a little bit of everything!

[T2000] Absolutely. If you could offer advice to future generations of trail users, what would it be?
[Schwartz] Enjoy the trails, be respectful, and try to always remember how fortunate we all are to live in this special place and have the means to access it.

[T2000] Thanks Steve, that is very well said. Ok, now for a quick speed round—ready, set:
Tea or coffee? [Schwartz] Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.

[T2000] Thank you, Steve! We really appreciate you taking the time and helping us to get to know you and hear about your experiences. We are thrilled to have you. Happy Trails!

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